Run Flat Tyres

What are Run-Flat Tyres?

Run- flat tyres have a unique reinforced sidewall construction which give  you the ability to drive with a flat tyre for a limited distance at a restricted speed limit giving you the chance to continue traveling without the need to stop to replace the deflated tyre until  a safe place can be found to do so. Generally run- flat tyres  are capable of traveling for 50 miles with a maximum speed limit of 50 mph however this does vary depending on the make of vehicle and manufacturer of tyre and its worth checking in your hand book, it is advisable to replace the tyre at the earliest possible opportunity rather than trying to take the  tyre to limit, its also worth remembering run-flat tyre does not mean puncture proof as some people think.

Identifying  run-flat tyres

If you're not sure if you have run- flat tyres it can be very confusing trying to identify this. You will have a unique manufacturer symbol on the sidewall such as RFT, SSR, and RSC. If you're not sure please feel free to pop in for a free tyre and pressure check, any of our trained technicians will help you with this.

Can I replace my standard tyres with RFT tyres?

It is possible to replace your standard tyres with rft tyres but we highly recommend that you check with the car manufacturer as your standard wheels might not be suitable, and you will also require a tyre pressure system to be fitted, so as to identify a puncture if you have one.

Can I replace my run-flat tyres with standard tyres?

As above it is essential that you check with the car manufacturer first, and your insurance company as this is classed as a modification, another consideration is that you will need to purchase a spare wheel and tool kit  as normal pneumatic tyres can not be driven deflated, tins of temporary puncture fix such as tyreweld really are a very temporary emergency use only and should only be considered if a spare wheel is not available.

Repair of run-flat-tyres

Views on repairing RFT tyres vary widely across the industry, due to the specially reinforced sidewalls that rft tyres have to enable them to perform. When a tyre is run totally or slightly under-inflated the tyres internal structure is subjected to very high stresses, sadly unlike standard tyres the symptoms of weakened or permanent internal damage may not be visible, however this damage renders the tyre unsafe and dangerous to use, great care must be taken when attempting to repair a raft tyre, having considered all the information available to us our policy is that we do not recommend the repair of run- flat- tyres.

Fitting of run-flat-tyres

Run flat tyres should only be fitted by fully qualified technicians with the correct fitting equipment, we have the latest fitting machines and electronic wheel balancers to cater for all types of run flat tyres, and as with all vehicles we work on you can trust us with your vehicle.

We stock a large range of fun flat tyres, however we have same day delivery from all top manufacturers for any sizes that we don't stock at very competitive prices.

For more information about run-flat tyres or a free tyre check call 01494 525 971 / 445 389 or fill out the Contact Us form.

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